Updated: 21 Mar 2016

Responsible Operator: Bo Bai BH9BIX
Supporting Organisation: Shaanxi Engineering Lab for Microsatellites, NW Polytechnical University

Headline Details: This is a 2U CubeSat.The main function of the satellite is that completing some communication experiment and testing the performance of our component, such as the star tracker and the solar panel. Proposing a UHF 9k6 GMSK AX25 downlink. Planning a launch to a 380x380km orbit at 40 degree inclination. 

More information will be place at www.ipgc.cn

** Also now proposing 2.4GHz downlink for image data**

****Downlinks on 437,525MHz and 2401.6MHz have been coordinated**

Application Date: 27 Jan 2016 ; 

Freq coordination completed on 21 Mar 2016

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