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Launch from China window starts March 2018

Offer rideshare for both CubeSats and MicroSat (<125kg)

Payload capacity of 270kg to equatorial orbit

Satellite project in Africa

GomSpace and IFU will collaborate on a satellite project in  Africa, designated Aeriel & Maritime Ltd., this project com - menced in Q3 2016, and it will result in the launch of a con - stellation of nanosatellites into a near Equatorial orbit. Gom - Space will design and manufacture the satellites and when  implemented it will be possible to monitor Automatic De - pendent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) signals from air - craft and Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals from ships within a coverage area spanning approximately 37 degrees North and South of the Equator covering 112 countries and territories either in part or full. The satellites are expected to be launched into orbit in Q1 2018 and to be in full revenue service by Q2 2018.


The interface and technical specifications for the launcher of GOMX-4 have just been agreed at a meeting in Shanghai with CGWIC and SAST.

Administration: Support registration of satellite with ITU if requested and handling of all paperwork for Chinese authorities to get launch approval
Integration & Logistics: Delivery of the flight worthiness satellite to Aalboarg, Denmark, for pre-launch integration into the deploy system. All the satellites will then be shipped to the launch site Wenchang Satellite Launch Center (WSLC) on the Island Hainan, China, for final launch integration.
Launch: Procurement of the Launch Vehicle including associated service for executing a successful launch campaign as well as procurement of predefined CubeSat deployment system. All satellite teams will be invited for the launch site operations and see the actual launch onsite.
Reporting: Telemetry during the launch event and a full launch report latest 30 days after deployment. Options to get video telemetry of the deployment of the satellite.
Insurance: A Launch vehicle insurance is included. In case of major launch failure, a replacement launch will be offered within a period of 18 months.

Four orbiting satellites
Niels Buus says that in the Chinese aerospace industry has great expertise in equatorial orbit.
- We send four satellites in orbit around the equator, says Niels Buus.

- I can say that we have purchased a number of places that we are going to sell to a third party, says Niels Buus.

Details of the contract say that the launch will take place near the equator (possibly in Hainan Island or Yunnan Province) in 2018. Given Gomspace's ties to European Space Agency projects, including a space debris removal system, the Landspace-Gomspace contract is potentially the beginning of a new chapter in Sino-European space cooperation, and a big first for private Chinese space launch companies.



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Unique Rideshare Opportunity in 2018 for Low-inclination Launch 

Given special needs of a GomSpace anchor customer, we have booked capacity in 2018 to launch to a near equatorial orbit with the following parameters:

    Inclination: <12 degrees

    Altitude: 500km

    Eccentricity: Fully circular

We offer additional capacity to our customers and partners on a rideshare basis. We can accommodate 1U to 12U satellites easily, while other form-factors are not excluded.

The launch is offered in collaboration with LandSpace Technology in China and will be performed using the LS-1 launch vehicle launching from Southern China. We offer special support to US customers for export clearance.

The mission parameters of the launch opportunity offer several unique advantages:

    Frequent revisits to the equatorial region where most of Earth’s population can be served

    Reduced radiation load compared to sun-synchronous orbit

    Natural decay and re-entry within 25-year guide-line, yet 5-8 years of in-orbit life

GomSpace enters a turn-key contract with Aerial & Maritime Ltd.

December 21, 2016 – GomSpace ApS (”GomSpace”) and Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) both subsidiaries of GS Sweden AB (the ”Company”) have entered into a turn-key delivery contract, whereas GomSpace will design, deliver, launch and commission a constellation of satellites into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit. The delivery of the satellites and launch will take place in 2018. The contract has a value of approximately USD 6.0 million.

The objective of A&M is to own and operate a constellation of nanosatellites to be launched into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit. The satellites will be capable of monitoring the whereabouts of civilian aircraft and vessels in an area spanning from 37 Degrees Northern to 37 Degrees Southern Latitude using ADS-B and AIS signals, respectively.

”This turn-key contract represents an important milestone for GomSpace as this is the first major project comprising the design, manufacturing, launch and commissioning of a complete constellation entirely for commercial usage, which GomSpace will execute,” says Niels Buus, CEO, GomSpace.

GomSpace enters a turn-key contract with the Colombian Air Force.

December 21, 2016 – GomSpace ApS - a subsidiary of GS Sweden AB (the ”Company”) has entered a turn-key contract to deliver, launch and commission a satellite for the Colombian Air Force. The Earth observation satellite will be able to serve a wide range of applications such as studying land usage, planning urban development, detecting illegal crops, monitoring natural disaster effects, etc. The delivery of the satellite and launch will take place in the first quarter of 2018.

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